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FTTH Delivers Quadruple Play


mnc play internet tv cable

Promo & Privilege

Nikmati penawaran terbaik dari kami, mulai dari diskon berlangganan, diskon berbelanja di Merchant kami, hingga cicilan 0%.


What Differentiate Us From Others?

MNC Play using FTTH technology with fiber optic cable network 100% in all the paths through your home.

A fiber optic cable is the best medium which can provide a data connection with the highest speed and is able to present a variety of large-capacity multimedia content.

Unlike other conductive media such as copper cables, MNC Play with FTTH technology is ready to provide the network with a capacity of up to 10 Gbps

Download/Upload 1:1

MNC Play delivers same speed between download and upload (symmetric 1:1)

TV on Demand

You can enjoy your favorite TV shows at any time as you want with the TVoD features.

Up to 10 Gbps

MNC Play fiber optic network supporting network speeds up to 10 Gbps

100% Fiber

MNC Play brings the network infrastructure 100% fiber optics up to your living room.

It’s Easy to Play!

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